So, if anyone has ever listened to more than 3 minutes of my midday show, then you know I ALWAYS talk about the yumminess in country music. Yep...there's lots to go around! So, I decided to make my top 5 Hotties in Country Music list!! Enjoy!

#5  Dierks Bentley... Maybe it's that sultry, scratchy voice on "Come A Little Closer"... Maybe it's those curls and sweet little eyes...whatever it is, I know I'm not "The Only One" (haha, so clever!) that thinks this man is H-O-T-T!!! And, trust me...I did chase him down in the back parking lot at the Grand Ole Opry and got an up close and personal look!! Don't forget... he's headlining the Big O Music Fest July 30th at Reid's Orchard here in Owensboro!!

#4  Josh Turner...So, I'll be honest, until a recent Country Music Edition of People magazine came out, he was just cute to me. But, the picture of him in that magazine was a real eye-opener!! How had that hottness escaped me for so long?!?! Man...I'm losing my touch! The good news is, I'll have my chance to really see him at the Taste of Country concert we're putting on at Ellis Park on September 10th. Expect a full report!!

#3  Keith Urban...Sure, the Australian accent doesn't hurt...the scruffy, long hair look does help a little....and, have you seen the man play guitar?!?! Not a bad combo!! And, is it just me, or did he get a little bit hotter when he married one of the most beautiful women on Earth?!?! Yep...what a Christmas card!!

Because of my dedication to my baby daddy/boyfriend...I must have a tie for #1...........

LUKE BRYAN & BLAKE SHELTON!!! (Let's break it down....)

Luke - well, originally, I was drawn to him for his fun-lovin songs...then, I saw his pictures, haha! I've had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions, and he's nothing but a sweet guy from Georgia! (Ok, one of those times I was asked to leave by security, haha! Totally kidding!) But, he's my favorite.... Love me some Luke!

Blake - To say he's alotta man is just not enough! We were able to attend the GAC TV special in Evansville last May (I think!) and had meet and greet passes. Some girls and I from work made shirts that spelled out "WE (heart) BS!" Well...he LOVED it! Just one look at the pic of us andyou can tell, if not for some chick named Miranda and some farmer named Mater....we would totally be together! Haha!!

Honorable Mentions: Tim McGraw, George Strait, Chris Young, Chuck Wicks, the dark-haired dude from Little Big Town...And, how can I leave off my Preston from the LoCash Cowboys?!?!

So, I'm sure that I've maybe left off someone...who would you have included???