Move over Ocean's 11.  Jaclyn, Dave Spencer, Moon and I are the new generation of action movie stars!  Earlier this week, we filmed our TV commercial for CODEBREAKERS, which begins Monday here on The Country Station.  Take a look at this!  And be sure to check out that super slow-motion shot with the cop car at the end of it!  George Clooney, eat your heart out!

Doesn't that scream The Italian Job?

CODEBREAKERS begins here on WBKR Monday, April 2nd.  We will have YOUR chance to BREAK the CODE every hour.  And, to make the game ever more exciting, we'll feature a different prize up for grabs each week.  And you guys are going to LOVE our first prize.  TWO V.I.P. TICKETS to the 2012 Big O Music Fest starring Blake Shelton!!  That's right, Home Skillets!!!  V.I.P.

To help you keep track of the numbers in the CODE, download our official CODEBREAKERS game piece by CLICKING HERE!

Then, tune into WBKR Monday morning and get ready to BREAK the CODE!

And help us in giving a special shout-out to our friends Eric, Doug and Jim from WEVV-Evansville (CBS-44 & Fox-44).  And we also have to thank Officer Kevin Kabalen and Sgt. David Powell from the Owensboro City Police Department for letting us play hardened criminals and not arresting us!