Willie Nelson is one of the most decorated artist in any genre of music. This week, the living legend turns 81 years old and you're not going to believe what he did! And, don't worry, he didn't cut off his trademark braids, ha!

To be 81 years old and still be touring the country like he does, we all know that he must be in great physical condition. Now, we know why... (And, no... it's not because of that either, haha!)

Willie was recently awarded his 5th degree black belt in in the martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul. Ummm, what?!? Who knew you could be granted anything beyond a black belt, a 5th degree black belt is just showing off! Apparently, he's been training for two decades in the specialty.

That's beyond impressive. I guess I'll actually get out and run a few miles today. I mean, if the 81 year old can still do round-house kicks, surely I can jog for 30 minutes or so, ha!

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