Okay, I'll just go ahead and say it. There aren't many people like our own Angel Welsh. In fact, I'd venture to say she's one-of-a-kind... And I say that with love because though I've only known her for a few years now, you know... You know the way you know about a good melon. She's one of the really really good ones.

At first, I wasn't so sure. She went to Apollo - I went to Daviess County. One can never be too careful with these sorts of interactions. She was loud, boisterous, liked her husband... a lot... and only eats fish. Hmmmm... sketch. But even though we are very different - she's Rose, I'm Dorothy - it's one of my favorite parts of my week when I get to see Angel.
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Here are a few things I've learned about Angel at our time as co-workers at WBKR (in no particular order):
Angel is the female version of Buddy the Elf. We were out to lunch one day. She ordered Korean noodles with shrimp and asked me to pass her the sweet-n-low. And she put it ON. HER. NOODLES. What's that? Here's proof that Angel isn't human.
Ashley s

Angel has no qualms about recycling clothes. (And she has great taste - most of the time.) We've done more than one work field trip where we go out and film a bargain of the week and... then check out the merchandise. Shhh don't tell on us, mk? I'll nose through a few things and when I turn around, she's got a whole armful of tops, pants, jewelry, you name it! My favorite thing though, is when she brings in a tub that I get to go through. Now, most of her stuff is super cute but then there's always that weird thing that I am not sure is a skirt or a baby carrier cover that she assures me is REALLY CUTE ON! (Yeah, on her. I'd look like a Yeti in ruffles.)

Angel (almost) always looks her best. Where I opt for yoga pants, jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies just to make it out the door with clothes on my body, Mrs. Angel Welsh will have heals and pearls and dresses and ruffles and bling on. You just don't see this gal in t-shirts and unless you are in studio at 5 AM. My mom saw her out feeding the homeless one night and was like, she looked like she was headed to a gala event. Yep, that's our Angel. It doesn't matter if you are homeless or a millionaire, you always get her best side. Here she is in a white shirt and light pants in the pig pen.

She puts her heart and soul into whatever she does. Whether she's doing a Bible study, or saving babies, or writing a blog, or shopping - again always a 10/10.

There's no shame in her game. I have literally watched Angel Welsh pratfall in a crowded room - not just spilling but sprawling the entire contents of her purse to create a distraction so Chad could go run a heist. Long story... but let's just say the Ocean's gang had nothin' on her Academy Award winning stunt. She will take the fall and take the laugh without so much as a shudder. She's been duct-taped to a pole, eaten dog treats, worn a prom dress on Frederica St. I mean her first video was all about her and Chad running a mud course. She's like 4'11 y'all.

She's genuine. What you see is what you get.

She's open about her struggles. This goes along with genuine but Angel isn't afraid to share her darkest demons if she thinks it will help someone else. The crap that none of us what the general population to know, Angel bravely bares so that others won't feel alone in this world.

Her real name is Ronnie.

Angel screams "I'M GONNA LOSE IT" at least three times a day.

She drives like a maniac but always seems to avoid catastrophe.

She will literally give you the shirt off her back. Last month, I was prepping to go to Indy for a birthday weekend with my husband. I'm not much of a shopper so I had nothing cute or fun picked out to wear. Angel showed up to work in this sweater and earrings that I fell in love with. Joking - not joking - I said, can I borrow that? She said, sure! When do you need it? Um now, and I'm getting ready to leave... Y'all she took the shirt OFF HER BACK and handed it over. Complete with earrings. At her funeral when people say, she'd give you the shirt off her back I can stand up and yell, I KNOW SHE DID IT FOR ME!

Ashley S
Ashley s

BONUS: Angel has the best laugh. Here it is in slow-mo at the 2:32 mark.

If you've never had the pleasure of meeting Angel in person, you should. She's a genuinely sweet and sassy soul with a heart to match. Happy birthday, girl. Enjoy 40 and beyond.