Okay, so I hadn't been at work that long on Wednesday when Roxianne came up front and she flashed a familiar face in front of me, MINE!

As most all of you know, I was Leona in a previous radio life and I wrote monthly album reviews and I had a top ten for the Owensboro edition of News4U magazine. This is before blogging became a big deal and a part of my daily life.

So what was my "view"? It appears it was a holiday prep rundown, focusing on Thanksgiving. I guess I wrote a monthly column at one time.


I wrote about Thanksgiving desserts which always used to include my Aunt Linda's red velvet cake and my sisters' chess pie. And who remembers the big Christmas expo that used to be held at the Executive Inn Rivermont? They were so much fun!

Twelve years ago, wow. I think that picture was taken in the bedroom of my apartment in Madisonville.