Who remembers Showbiz Pizza Place at Towne Square North here in Owensboro?  It's funny.  I barely remember what the pizza tasted like.  But I remember virtually everything about the real stars of that restaurant.  Do you remember the Rock-afire Explosion?  Check this out!

I am pretty sure every kid's dream was to have a Showbiz Pizza birthday party and this is why . . .

There was an even a 2008 documentary made about Showbiz and its Rock-afire Explosion. Not kidding.  Director Brett Whitcomb interviewed the man who created Rock-afire and some diehard fans whose childhoods revolved around pizza, game tokens and the world's most famous animatronic band.

Cheers to Billy Bob, Looney Bird, Fatz Geronimo, Rolf DeWolfe, Mitzi Mozzarella and all the guys and gals who made up the Rock-afire Explosion!