Game over? I think not. One of my good friends posted a link to my Facebook page about a site that includes over 900 vintage video games you can play on your computer, for FREE! Where?!?


The Internet Arcade is actually part of, a site which includes thousands of videos, audio, live music, podcasts, and more. In other words, it's a true time machine. My personal favorite? Who remembers Galaga?

It's the only one I've really gotten into so far. Also on the slate at Internet Arcade: Burger Time, Mouse Trap, Super Pac Man, Pitfall, Q-Bert, Birdie King, Atari Basketball, Crystal Castles (love it!), Frogger, Dig Dug!, and literally hundreds more.

No quarters required! Just hit the 5 key, and you're on your way to playing for hours and hours, and hours, you get the point. Oh, and you'll need to provide the sweet 80's music and pizza.

Have fun!

NOTE: Works best with Mozilla Firefox browser*