Today would have been my momma's 75th birthday.  Jean Stephanie Ballard born September 20, 1941, in New York, New York.

I don't even know where to begin when I think of what to say about her.  A mother of 5 biological children but she was truly a mother to EVERYONE from grandchildren to all my friends.

She was the type of person when you met her after talking to her for just a few minutes you felt like you had known her your entire life.  She raised me to be confident, independent, and strong in my faith.

Senior Night For AHS Soccer

As a single mother she worked three jobs to make ends meet and provide for me.  She never missed a dance recital or pageant always sitting in the front row beaming and yelling loudly "that's my girl."

My Brother's Wedding

One of my very favorite memories of my momma is celebrating birthdays' together.  When I moved out and had a family of my own we would plan an entire day to ourselves.  We took off work and went out to eat, shopped, and song and danced in the car as if no one was watching.I truly believe the relationship I had with my mom helped me to be the mom I am to my own children.  I am truly thankful for this!  She was hands on, involved with me, told me she loved me a million times a day, and wasn't afraid to be my parent first.

It has been eight long years since she was taken by a brain aneurysm.  It was sudden and unfair.  I can feel a lump in my throat as I type this the pain is still so real.

I sure wish you all could have met her.  She was very much like me but amped up 10 times more.  A bright spot in this dark world and just so funny.

Today I celebrate her life and while I wish she were here to cut the cake and crack silly jokes, I am grateful I have a mother I'm proud to share with the world.