It is so important as parents that we help our children learn responsibility at an early age.  Teaching them young to do chores, clean up after themselves, and take pride in their home is such an important job for parents.All three of my boys do multiple chores on a weekly basis from cleaning their rooms, putting away laundry, and mowing the yard.  Of course, Tucker, 3, does not mow the yard, but I make sure he has a specific set of things he does to help around the house.  He picks up toys, feeds our cat, and even helps me with his baby sister.

I have found this makes them more accountable and they even respect what I do for them around the house.  Now I will be honest and say they are boys so yes they're still messy but they know what is expected of them.

Playing on PINTEREST the other night I found a great chart that highlighted CHORES KIDS CAN DO, BY AGE GROUP.  Check it out!

And put those kids to work!!!


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