During this unprecedented time, local volunteers are needed more than ever. As hurricane/wildfire season approaches, the American Red Cross needs our help. Become a disaster responder, travel the country and help save lives.

At Least 12 Dead In Bronx Apartment Building Fire
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In a statement released by the American Red Cross office out of Paducah, they are in critical need of volunteers. They have two mission critical services that they'll have difficulty providing without volunteers.

"The American Red Cross is also facing a unique challenge this hurricane/wildfire season, which has been predicted to be an above average season both for hurricanes and wildfires. To meet CDC guidance due COVID-19, we have new guidelines for sheltering designed to keep our workers and clients safe, such as more, smaller shelters with less clients. This creates the need for more volunteers willing to deploy to assist with sheltering, as well as more Health Services volunteers to provide assistance and healthcare to shelter residents."

Would you consider becoming a shelter volunteer or health services volunteer if the need arises?  The Red Cross covers training, travel, meals and lodging expenses for volunteers during deployment. To learn more about these positions and to sign up, visit www.redcross.org/volunteer or email kyvolunteerservices@redcross.org

If you are interested, you please visit www.redcross.org/volunteer. Click create profile and submit your volunteer application. Super easy and you'll be making a difference in so many lives.

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