Angel Here and I can absolutely not believe I have been working with WBKR four years now.  Some days it feels like 50...kidding kind of but in a good way.  It's like I've always been here with the love I feel from all of you.  LET'S CELEBRATE!

People ask me all the time how much I love my job.  I love it a lot.  It's not just flipping the mics on and off and talking.  It is so much more.  We are juggling a million things that no one else but Chad & I see.  From fielding calls, running the board, covering the news and media, and making sure we are in sync with one another (this one is pretty easy most days).

I get asked quite a lot is it really as fun as it seems.  Most of the time more fun.  There are times it is hard and stressful I won't lie but most days I head into work ready to rock it out.  Chad, Brently, Barb, Spence, and Candace make the job a great place to be.  We are like a family a very dysfunctional one but it works LOL.  We laugh a lot of days until we are crying happy tears.

I have never met a group of more hardworking, determined people than the ones that work for WBKR/Townsquare Media.  We have a blast and we kick butt when we need to.

Let's begin with my first day on the job.  Chad told me working on the radio might bring around paparazzi or at least that's what I thought he meant!

When I introduced you all to my family.  They have basically grown up on the show.  I can't believe how little they all were when we started.  Parker was in 8th grade he is now a senior in High School.

Our first public appearance together was at Sutton Elementary School to Emcee the Red Ribbon Week Kick Off...#wardrobemalfunctions

Who could forget when we dressed up as superheroes for CASA.  We certainly looked the part but playing it was a whole different story!

Speaking of Superheroes how could I ever forget my sweet buddy Jimmy Parrot and the day he taught me how to do the wonder woman spin.  Talking to Jimmy is one of the best parts of my day.

Oh and then Brent and Chad had the awesome idea to duct tape me to the pole outside the WBKR studios.  I didn't say no and so they did!

Early on in my time at the studio drama, queen Chad got the hiccups and I tried to help him cure them.  Here's how it went.  You know I am always trying to be a kind and nice soul.

How about the time he made me throw cow crap!?  Yes you read that right.

and we all know Chad absolutely loves getting in a car with me when I am driving.  He is the one that always makes me drive.  Who's fault is it really?

I have also learned several things from working at the station and perhaps one of my favorites How to catch a pig;

I am so blessed by this job, by an amazing partner, the very best co-workers, and by all of you for tuning in each morning, listening to my stories about my crazy family, supporting me when Chad picks on me, and most of all for you guys taking me in and loving my big fat mouth, emotional roller coaster/bubbly personality.  You get me, you really get me and I love each of you for that.

Not too many people can say they have literally lived to work in their dream jobs.  I have been so very blessed to do just that.

It means a lot when I see you all in the community and you come and say hello, hug me and tell me that we make you laugh!  I pray every single morning we help make someone else's day a little brighter.

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