Angel Here, can you believe it has already been one year since I started my job as the new co-host on the Morning Drive with Chad!?  It's definitely been a year to remember and I want to share some of my favorite moments with you!

I'll be honest and say there is truly never a dull moment when I walk in the back door of the studio each morning.  I never know what to expect and have learned just to roll with it.  How could I not having someone like Chad around.  He has made this year a total blast.

Let's begin with my first day on the job.  Chad told me working in radio might bring around paparazzi or at least that's what I thought he meant!

Our first public appearance together was at Sutton Elementary School to Emcee the Red Ribbon Week Kick Off...#wardrobemalfunctions

Who could forget when we dressed up as superheroes for CASA.  We certainly looked the part but playing it was a whole different story!

Oh and then Brent and Chad had the awesome idea to duct tape me to the pole outside the WBKR studios.  I didn't say no and so they did!

If you are a loyal listener you know we love to celebrate National days.  This particular day was National Drive Thru Day and Chad thought it would be a fabulous idea to have me sing my order at Chick Fil A!

and last but certainly not least we all know Chad absolutely loves getting in a car with me when I am driving....OR NOT!

I am so blessed by this job, by an amazing partner and by all of you for tuning in each morning, listening to my stories about my crazy family, supporting me when Chad picks on me, and most of all for welcoming me with open arms!

It means a lot when I see you all in the community and you come and say hello, hug me and tell me that we make you laugh!  I pray every single morning I could help make someone else's day a little brighter.

Looking forward to another year!  LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL~

P.S.  there are lots and lots more video memories from my year on WBKR's YouTube page these are just my favorites!

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