Birthdays are my favorite!  I guess because my momma always made them special each year.  Today she would have been 76 years young.  Oh, the memories of our celebrations still make me laugh!I think I have mentioned before that my momma and I always planned special time for just the two of us for our birthdays.  We would take off work, go shop, out to eat, and dance and sing (horribly) in the car like no one was watching.  Even if they were it was our day and we didn't give a rip!

After she passed 9 years ago I promised myself I would still continue to celebrate her.  So today I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of her growing up especially the hilarious ones.  She is ultimately who I get my personality from if you can imagine an amped up sassier version of me.

I think my most vivid memory may seem awful to some but for me I still laugh when I tell it.  We were living in Toledo, Ohio, and I think I was around 11 years old.  Right about the age I started growing into my attitude.  Momma said something to me and I popped off and she came after me with a clothes hanger.  The way our house was set up the closet from the bedroom was connected to the bedroom and you could crawl through the two of them.  Well I ran and she chased me through the house I went into the bathroom and began to crawl through the closet I heard her go back out to meet me in the bedroom so I reversed only to find my mom waiting for me in the bathroom where she proceeded to whip my butt!  Years later we always laughed about it but at the time it was not a bit funny!

The next story I love about momma came after one Christmas I bought her a Fart Machine.  I guess I should say this made for many funny stories because you just had to know her.  She had this sick humor.  She would take that fart machine into stores with her and put it in her purse and get next to someone in an aisle and bend down and hit the remote.  I can see her now giggling and laughing to herself.  Then she would come home, call me, and tell me all about her adventures.  I sure miss that call and her laugh.

The last story will sound quite familiar.  Mom had road rage.  One day we were sitting at a stoplight on HWY 60 and the light was red.  Mom thought it had turned green and she starts honking her horn and yelling loudly at the cars in front of us and waving her hands.  I look over and frantically say "Mom what are you doing?"  she replies "These people won't move!" I say "The light is red Mom."  She then says "Oh crap, pretend you are waving at the drivers like we know them!"  She was such a mess and I see more and more of her in me daily.

I know I share a lot of memories about my momma but I have and will always believe if you talk about loved ones after they pass away they are never really gone.  My momma gave me the best memories anyone could ever ask for and I am super thankful God chose her to be mine.  I miss her every single day but sharing her with you all makes it easier to cope with.

I would love to know the traditions you share with your family or friends to celebrate your special day.  It will be a fabulous way of helping me to celebrate my mom!


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