Angel here.  It's a bittersweet day for many families all across the world as they remember their precious babies who left this earth way too soon.    Today I celebrate my sweet Kathern Elizabeth.

Kathern born May 12, 2004, six weeks too early but absolutely perfect in everyway.  She was very sassy from day one and loved her momma like no other.

Angel Welsh

I remember singing to her just like my mom did me.  She loved our songs and would just watch intently as I sang.  She hated her baths and would scream loudly until I dried her curly dark brown hair and put on her lotion and clean clothes and then she would fold her hands in content and stare into my eyes.

She was an old soul.  I only got to keep her for one month and 26 days but in that time she taught me a lot about life and who I wanted to be as a momma.  She loved being held and if I was in a room she didn't want anyone but me.

One time I went to workout and left Kathern with my momma.  Momma said "you know she is gonna cry she knows when your gone."  I said "She will be fine I won't be gone long."  Low and behold when I pulled in the driveway and got out of my car I could hear her crying from outside.  I ran in the house to find her and my momma both crying LOL.  Momma said as soon as she realized I was gone she began to cry.  I picked her up and held her close and she immediately stopped.  Even as I type I can recall that moment.  How she felt as she laid her head on my shoulder and the smell of her lotion.

This past May she would have been 15 years old.  I wonder each birthday who she would be.  How she would look.  My kids all talk about her.  We share her with one another.  The funny thing is my younger three never knew her and they still include her in all we do and bring her up on a daily basis.  We even buy her a Christmas ornament each year as a present.

I have taught them if we continue to talk about her then her memory lives on through us.

My Rainbow Baby, Braden, who came just a year after Kathern told me when he was about 5 that the freckles on his cheeks came from all the times his sister kissed him when she visits.  I cried because he was so young and innocent it just has to be true.

Angel Welsh

Kathern took her journey to heaven on July 7, 2004.  A day that is etched into my brain.

The years never get any easier but I am thankful that God gifted her to us.  He chose our family and me as her mommy.

Praying for all families who remember their babies today~