Angel here! Last week I blogged a story on the Daviess County Animal Shelter doing FREE adult cat adoptions.  Well, the Welsh family found room in our home for one and I wanted you to meet him!

Angel Welsh

Meet Cheddar Miles Welsh.  He captured my heart the very first time we visited the shelter a few weeks ago to do a story on Thor.  I walked into the cat room and he followed me all over the place.  He jumped into my lap and purred all over me, kissing my face and cat hugging me.


Angel Welsh

So I went home and talked with Joe about adding to our family.  He said "If that's what you want then lets do it!"   We decided we would do it on Saturday so we would have more time to help him get acclimated.

Now I have to be totally transparent and say we went to the shelter two days in a row trying to decide if Cheddar was the right kitty for our family.  The shelter employee in charge teased me saying I was the most indecisive person she had ever met.  In my defense it took us longer to decide because I wanted to make sure whatever kitty we got could handle Tucker and Charlotte.  My kids fell in love with all of the titty tats (as Charlotte calls them).

Angel Welsh

The adoption was quick and easy.  You just had to have an application on file and be approved to adopt.

When it was all said and done we wanted to take them all home because they truly all are precious and loving and want someone to go home with.

The best part was introducing Cheddar to Layla our Goldendoodle.  That didn't go so well because Layla wanted to play and Cheddar was not having it!  They are finally warming up to one another and Cheddar only growls like a Lion occasionally now LOL!

Angel Welsh

Free Adult Cat Adoptions are still going on.  Find it in your heart to go out meet all the kitties and take one home.  They all need someone to love them.  I wish I could rescue them all.

So happy our family added 4 more little pitter patter paws.  We are SO BLESSED~