Angel here and I need you to be the judge!  It's deer season and Joe got a huge 10 point buck last week.  He did a photo shoot for the group he belongs too.  I feel like his smile is much happier with the dang deer than in our family pics!


It's like two BFF's hanging out!  So relaxed and chill.  Then there is our family picture from last year!  It's like me posing with my trophy here.  The roles are reversed.  Hmmmmm!


Joe hates family pictures.  He is such a good sport though!  He goes along and does whatever the photographer and I tell him but by the end he is exhausted!  I guess the deer doesn't boss him around or talk back or run around like crazy because it can't Joe put an arrow through him!


He's so proud of the deer!  And then there is our doodle Layla.  I feel more love coming from the deer picture.  Poor Layla.


So you tell me, doesn't he look happier with his deer?!  LOL

All jokes aside I love that he has a hobby and enjoys it.  Not only does he enjoy it but he is truly amazing at it.  He is focused and determined each year.  It's like a science really.  I love that he shares his pictures with me and tells me about his hunts.

To be totally honest he listens to me as I share my shopping bargains and he goes shopping with me some weekends and he likes yard sales so I guess I'll keep him!

Happy Hunting All!  I guess we got another one to hang in the man cave~

P.S. if I am being completely transparent I like No Shave November too!  My guy looks so handsome with a beard!


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