Y'all!  Angel here and if you feel like you've read a story like this before you'd be right.  Our newest kitten Trudy went missing last week and has been returned.  Now our big rescue kitty is gone.

Trudy went missing last week.  I didn't think much about it the first day and a half because she is new and likes to go exploring.  Well, she didn't come home so I finally posted on Facebook only to find out she had somehow made it all the way across town to the hospital 5 and a half miles away.  We thought maybe she climbed into the engine of a car and took a ride and now I am starting to think different because our rescue kitty, Cheddar Boo has now gone missing.

Cheddar is not as friendly as Trudy.  He is very street smart and leary of other people.  He is a very big cat.  He likes to eat and doesn't miss a meal.  He is predictable and stays on a schedule.  He goes out at night and comes home and sleeps during the day.  He likes to venture out for an hour or so in the early evening and then come back in to eat and lay on my husband Joe where he kneads his chests and purs until he decides he is ready to hit the streets for the night.

He has been gone since Tuesday afternoon and we have searched all around our house, knocked on doors, and asked neighbors on other streets.  Something is happening to our cats.  I hate to say it but there are people in our area who trap cats and either take them to the shelter or drop them other places because they are an inconvenience to them.  I would hate to find out someone took my kitty.

Our Cheddar Boo is no bother to anyone and he keeps squirrels at bay and takes care of rodents in the neighborhood.  We just want our baby boy back.

We live in the Ford/Griffth Area of town but after what happened to Trudy he could be anywhere.

Please share and help us bring our boy home.  My husband is a mess without him.  This month would be the anniversary of his adoption and we want him home.  Poor Joe just keeps saying "my boy needs to eat he's hungry, he needs to be snuggled".

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Angel here and my rescue kitty Cheddar Boo has gone missing. We are asking the community to help us bring him home. He would not just runoff.

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