Angel Here!  Today is Chad's 47th Birthday and what kind of co-host would I be if I didn't recognize him in an embarrassing and comical way?!

I've known Chad for almost 20 years now.  Our friendship started out with him giving me crap in front of hundreds of people and now he does it in front of thousands.  He is one in a million and makes coming to work a blast every single day.

As most people know Chad likes to look perfect whenever he is out in public.  His hair or what he has left has to be in place, clothes pressed, and looking like a million bucks.  Fortunately I see him at times when he is furthest from thiis LOL!


Chad is always saying I have a big mouth.  On this particular day he was shoving an entire piece of sweet bread into his choppers!


You know he gives me crap about Charlotte all the time when in reality he loves her just as much as I do!  She is extremely fond of her Uncle Tad too~


While there are many things I love about Chad the thing I love most is his heart.  He is one of the kindest, most selfless people I know.  He loves others, animals, everything with no boundaries. 


I am pretty sure after looking at these photos it seems he only has two shirts but he does wear other ones!

Today I am so blessed to wish Chad a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope this year is abounding in vacations, friendships, fun, and all the fabulousness you deserve CALLER!


This picture was worth another share LOL!


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