Let's be totally honest the year 2020 has been almost surely the worst for most people.  With sickness, quarantining, shutdowns, loss, and more we need some positivity.

The rumor is that on Christmas Eve everyone in the world is being called to step outside at 6 p.m. their time and ring a bell for two minutes.  Then if you are feeling extra festive break out into song.

Remember the line from Elf "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."  The idea came from the Harrogate Community in the UK.  This is a local parent group and one of the mothers of a group called Mums2Mums had the idea of spreading Christmas cheer during such a hard time for everyone.

The moms never imagined the idea would spread so rapidly.  Through the power of social media, the Facebook page is now well over 400,000 members.

The women have even provided a printable letter to give to those who do not have social media letting them know about the Christmas Jingle event.  You also have access to downloadable Christmas Scavenger Hunts to do in your home and also Christmas carol sheets.

I do know that Owensboro has started their own event called Christmas Jingle 2020.

What a great idea to bring the whole world together for one amazing purpose of making others smile.

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