Raise your hand, or in this case, hit your buzzer if you were on your school's academic team? I raised mine. However the one time I was with my team on stage for quick recall, I knew the answer to a question, but I froze! Well, these young folks from Beaver Dam Elementary are taking their quick recall team to the national stage. 

Jamie Howard Whitely/Facebook
Jamie Howard Whitely/Facebook

Left to right, Xanthe Hoover, Preston Chinn, Sophie Gaddis, Grayden Barnard, and Riley Minton will represent BDES, Ohio County, and Western Kentucky at the National Academic Quick Recall Championships in Washington, D.C. beginning next Friday, June 1st through Sunday, June 3rd.

Last December, the Beaver Dam sixth-graders were victorious over six other schools to win the regional round. They are the only school from the area to be invited to compete in the national championship.

That's one way to kick off the summer! The team is coached by Mrs. Halpen Hoover and Mrs. Jamie Howard Whitely.

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