My friend Doug White once told me, way back in the day at WKU, that one of his favorite phrases is "Breakfast Served Anytime."

Breakfast Served Anytime

I have to say it really IS enough to make a grown man tear up just a little. Yes, I love breakfast food. And "breakfast for supper" is also a pretty good phrase, too.

Honestly, I don't know how anyone can eat an enormous breakfast early in the morning. Eggs, bacon, biscuits & gravy, pancakes or waffles, ham, sausage, grits. Good Lord. It's all wonderful stuff; it just seems like you'd slog through the day. But for dinner? Different story.

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Breakfast? Not Me

I've heard of the chain called Big Bad Breakfast but didn't know much about it other than the obvious--they serve breakfast. Also, I know there's one in Nashville, but I've never seen it. In fact, it IS a southeastern chain with locations that make it look like a listing of SEC schools.

But now there will be a Big Bad Breakfast in Louisville and its website says it's no ordinary breakfast joint and--my favorite part--it's not just for breakfast.

A Breakfast Story

The founder, John Currence, food and loves MEALS, in particular. And he loves it in the way you'd expect a southerner to love it. His story sounds like someone who could be a member of my family.

Since the Louisville location has yet to open, the menu wasn't available on its site. So click here and take a gander at the menu from Big Bad Breakfast in Nashville.

And then just TRY not to come up with a reason to find yourself at Big Bad Breakfast some morning in the future. Or afternoon. Or evening.

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