As you all likely know, we have teamed with Edge Body Boot Camp for a six-week weight loss challenge called BKR Boot Camp.  Thirty WBKR listeners are going head-to-head in a team competition to see which team can lose the highest percentage of body weight in a six-week period.  Here are the current results!


Team Angel is kicking major amounts of behind!  After three weeks of competition they are in first place.  Combined, they have lost and astounding 63.8 pounds.  Here are the current team standings . . .

1st Place- Team Angel 63.8 pounds

2nd Place- Team Dave Spencer 52.5 pounds

3rd Place- Team Chad 29.1 pounds

4th Place- Team Barb 28.1 pounds

5th Place- Team Erin Grant 26.6 pounds

And here are the Top 5 individual results so far.  Several BKR Boot Camp participants are well into the double digits for weight loss!  This is impressive.  And we have to give a huge shout out to our very own Dave Spencer.  He is in the lead!!

1st Place- Dave Spencer 20.3 pounds

2nd Place- Garrett Iglehart (Team Angel) 17.2 pounds

3rd Place- April Henry (Team Chad) 14.5 pounds

4th Place- Olivia Millsaps (Team Dave Spencer) 14.4 pounds

5th Place- Ethan Price (Team Angel) 14.1 pounds

There are three weeks left in our competition.  Members of the winning team will win a year-long membership to Edge Body Boot Camp and EdgeFiT!

Here's a sneak peek at what Boot Camp is all about . . .

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