It is no secret the pandemic took a major toll on our school-aged kids.  One middle school guidance counselor was determined to help her students thrive in the midst of chaos.

Chantay Taylor, guidance counselor, for Burns Middle School, here in Owensboro recently released an emotional video called "Don't Be Frustrated With Me!"

I had  the opportunity to talk with Chantay about her reasoning behind the video and here's what she told me:

The poem stems from my teacher heart. Back in November when Davies County Public schools went all virtual for the second time, we started to have a large number of students fall behind. Their grades were slipping and they had an over whelming amount of missing work. I knew something had done differently. When we came back from Christmas break, my roles as a school counselor took a different direction. I went back into the classroom and opened the doors to allow students to come to school 4 days a week instead of two. We were granted permission to begin in small groups(following all safety guidelines) of students that needed extra support. Through out my time with these students, I discovered more than I ever expected. I created strong relationships and deep bonds with my FOCUS Room students (Foxes Overcoming Circumstances and Unlocking Success). Strong relationships, build trust. My students trusted me to share their stories. Trusted me to help them overcome their barriers that they were experiencing. Their stories are heartbreaking, but their resilience is stronger! These students wanted to be at school. These students needed to be at school. They needed their safe place. I’m thankful and blessed that I was/am able to support them along the way.

If you are a parent prepare yourself to revisit all the emotions you felt throughout 2020.  This video hits every single one.

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Angel here and I sobbed as I watched this video last week.  Our family can relate all too well to the devastating impact virtual learning and the pandemic combined had on one of our kids.  There is no parenting manual to raising our children but prayer and understanding go a very long way.

I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Mrs. Taylor in the guidance office during my time at BMS.  I watched day after day as she went to bat for the students.  She loves them with her whole heart and she does an excellent job of trying to navigate through their struggles by just being there for them.


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