The Brady Bunch is like comfort food. It was always silly. It still is. Yet, if I'm flipping through channels, and it's on, I'll check to see which episode.

I mean I know them all, don't you?

And there's one episode, in particular, that I always hope to see. And it's one I actually haven't seen very often.

Well, this Sunday, I don't plan on missing it, as.

It's the episode that was filmed at Kings Island and MeTV will air it Sunday at noon central. tells us that that Brady Bunch episode was shot over a five-day period in late August of 1973 and aired that November.

I'm old enough to remember watching it when it originally aired.


But, man, was it a blast to see an episode of this iconic series set and filmed so close to home.

What's more, Florence Henderson's sister, who was from Daviess County, had a cameo in the episode and my mom had worked with her at the hospital.

You can imagine how cool my sister and I thought that was. Well, I guess that has nothing to do with being a kid; I still think that's cool.

So, yeah, grab 30 minutes worth of popcorn and enjoy the re-airing of "The Cincinnati Kids" this Sunday at noon central on MeTV.

(And bonus points if you recognize the Banana Splits cameo.)


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