Privacy invasion hit a new high with the advent of phone cameras. Suddenly, if you wanted, you could hit the red button and record at will. And then you could post whatever it was on social media and, boom, privacy breached.

I think, from the point of that realization forward, we've all become a little more diligent about how we behave in public. Or we SHOULD have become a little more diligent about how we behave in public.

But when you're in the bathroom, that's privacy central, and a place where we ought to be able to feel a little more comfortable.

That's why, according to LEX 18/Lexington, police in Garrard County, Kentucky paid a visit to Spurlin Funeral Home after a patron spotted a camera in the restroom.

The owner's daughter spoke with LEX 18 and said that the camera, which was found mounted over the sink in the men's room, was placed there in an effort to nab drug users, although she did admit it wasn't a good idea.

No ma'am, it wasn't. My two cents on this issue is that if you feel that people are using illegal drugs in your restroom, you should call the police.

THAT'S the reason you want police to come visit you.

But, again, it does serve as a lesson to us all. There are now cameras EVERYWHERE. And there always will be.

(Hopefully not in bathrooms, though.)


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