Well, I knew if Carsyn were anything like her Momma, she would be a girly-girl. Looks like, she is, haha! For a good while now she has really been watching me put on my make-up. She always wants me to put some on her too, of course! Now, I'm not gonna let my three year-old walk around like she's on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, so she'd just get a teeny-tiny bit of blush and lip gloss.

For Valentine's Day her Meme gave her a special kit of make-up, just for her. Do you think she loves it? Well, on a scale from one to ten...she's at about a 14!!

Of course she didn't want my help putting it on, ha! She did it all by herself and was SO proud of the finished product!  Here's what she looked like going out the door Friday morning...

Carsyn's Makeup