Saturday night marked an event that Carsyn had been looking forward to since we went last year... the Rodeo! Last March, we went to the Muhlenberg Ag Center to see the horses and she LOVED it! She seriously has been talking about it all year, so I just knew that we would have a blast Saturday night! Well, I was wrong!

Really wrong! In fact, we had to leave the rodeo about 40 minutes after being there. Even thou the rodeo clown had been out there the whole show, for some reason or another, she started to have a breakdown about him! And, not a fake fit... an actual tear-inducing breakdown! So, we left. Luckily, there was a nice cowboy on his way in the center who let her pet his horse, "Pistol". In her eyes, because of this, the trip to the rodeo was awesome, ha!

Why did she throw a fit over the clown? Well, I asked her and here's her response.... Watch and laugh!

So, I guess that she's just not a "clown person". Haha! The things that kids say. I'm just glad that I got this on video. Maybe next year, we'll be able to stay for more than 40 minutes. Until then... Yeehaw!