Well, it's 10:57pm, Sunday night and my three year-old is up... screaming. Sh&t-fit, hissy-fit, call it what you want, but, I'm losing my mind!! Before I even get started let me say that this is all my fault. I'm woman-enough to admit that. But, I've counted to ten about a hundred times in the last two hours.

So, here's the deal... Carsyn REFUSES to sleep in her bed. Now, don't get me wrong, she loooooves the bed. But, sleeping in it is another story.

Ever since she was an infant, she would fall asleep on my chest. Now, I'll be honest, I'm in no mood for a bunch of "I told you so's", so if that's what you're planning on telling me, don't even bother. (Sorry about my attitude, but I'm about to start bawling too, ha!) I just couldn't bear the thought of letting her scream and cry before falling asleep. And, honestly, we tried it. Didn't work. I think her record was about an hour and fifteen minutes of straight screaming. Tore me up. Now, as far as any and all parenting goes... to each his own. Whatever works for you and your household, I say "more power to ya"!

She was out of her crib right after she turned one, because she climbed out and it scared me to death! The thought of her dangling by an arm or leg just about sent me over the edge! So, her toddler bed was set up pretty quickly. She liked it, and would start out in that bed. But, every night, would end up out of it and in mine. Several months ago, I got her a super-cute daybed. She LOVES it! Just about every person that comes to the house will be quickly led into her room so she can show it off. But, when it comes to sleeping in it, don't even think about it! She wanted Rapunzel sheets, so she got some. Worked for about three nights. Now, when I put her in the bed (she's asleep when I lay her down), she wakes up screaming! Seriously, you would have thought that I ran over her horse Butterscotch with my car!

Ok, I'm rambling, but I'm exhausted! This is just about every night! And, while I don't mind a sweet little sleeping partner that normally shoves her size 9 toddler foot into my throat or face at least twice during the night... I'd like my bed back! Actually, I'd just like her to not hate sleeping in hers. And, even though I know one day, I'm gonna wish for these days back of no sleep and waking up with my right arm numb because she makes me hug her while we sleep, I'm thinking that I've created a monster!

So... Help! SOS! I'm throwing in the towel. I'm asking YOU for help. Anything short of me spiking her juice with whiskey is welcome. (I've actually already tried that, doesn't work. She's too much like her Momma! Loved it!) (Now, before you send Social Services to my house, I'm totally kidding about that!)

Well, it's 11:07pm and at least the alligator tears have stopped. Is she asleep on the couch next to me?? Hang on, let me check.....

Nope. She's just watching me with that sweet, little, I need my Momma face. Ahhhh....

Well, tonight, I'll be sleeping in a daybed with a cover-hogging toddler, six stuffed animals and a rarely-used set of Rapunzel sheets.

Wish me well....

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