Clyde & Carsyn

  If you listen to my Midday Show, then you know how much Carsyn loves animals. Any animal... horses, bunnies, kitties, puppies and even unicorns, ha! She's been asking for a pet for a while and I finally decided that I was ready to get one. I knew that a puppy was the way to go... let's be honest, we haven't faired well with cats in the past.

When I walked in to work Thursday morning, Roxianne drug me to the computer to look at some new puppies that SparKy Rescue had ready for adoption. All it took was one look and I was ready to get that puppy!

Me & Clyde in the Studio!

So, here she is... Clyde. Yes, SHE is CLYDE, haha! I told a friend that I need her to have a little chip on her shoulder to be a good guard dog. So far, so good! Carsyn loves her and she is a great dog! I have to give a big Thank You to Sparky, they were great to work with and she is a great puppy!

There are several more males and females in this litter ready for adoption, including their sweet Mom, Willow. For more information on SparKY, check out their WEBSITE.


Clyde and Carsyn