She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy 2nd Place Winner is Andrew Rickard
With over 1.6 million votes, the battle for 1st and 2nd place was a nail-biter in our She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy Too photo contest. It was quite incredible to watch. With that being said, coming in 2nd place is Andrew Rickard with 538,979 votes in the poll. Let's meet Andrew and more of …
Have You Seen The "I Just Got Pulled Over" TiKTok Prank?
TikTok has blown up since the pandemic hit.  Many families have used it to do videos together, kids are having a blast with it, and then there are "those" people who love to play the most awfully hilarious pranks using TikTok.
To set the scene the person calls a friend, husband/wife, parent…

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