Our "Trick or Treating" contest for Holiday World tickets is officially underway this morning.  And, each day, Dave Spencer, Jaclyn Graves, Taunya and I will be sharing with you our "TREAT" of the day!  And, we'll each have a different one.  So, you gotta keep checking back here at WBKR.com for your chance to win.  First up for T.K. and C.B., CANDY CORN!!  Now, that you know what "Treat" we're looking for . . . stay by the phone.  Sometime between 6a and 9am this morning, we're going to go "trick or treating" on the phone.  We'll call a WBKR listener and if he/she knows we want CANDY CORN, he/she will win tickets to Holiday World's "Happy Halloween" Weekends.  If you haven't signed up to win, do it now by CLICKING HERE!


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