With Spring just right around the corner, it is most appropriate that we remind you that this weekend it's time to SPRING FORWARD.

The official day is Sunday, March 8.  Many people won't even have to do anything different with their lives unless they have a microwave, stoves, or wall clocks.

Cell phones, computers, and other devices generally update themselves.

I think I am most excited about having more time outside with my family.  I feel like we get home, start dinner, do homework and the sun is literally setting before we can even bounce the basketball a few times in the driveway.

Just this past weekend my friend Jamie, posted daffodils from her yard on her Facebook page.  Spring makes me happy.  I love the feeling in the air and the sound of the birds back in the trees and the colors beginning to show back up again.

I know it is hard losing an hour of sleep and a lot of people struggle with this here are some things you can do to get over the hump according to Money Talks;

*Catch up on sleep before the weekend.
*Go to bed at your usual time after the time change.
*Get up at your usual time regularly.
*Get sunlight soon after awakening; go outside for a walk.
*Avoid sunlight or bright light in the evening.
*Don’t nap within a few hours of your regular bedtime.
*Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol for several hours before bedtime.

Most of all enjoy this extra sunlight.

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