My friend P.j. Starks popped this question to his Facebook friends and their responses were fascinating.  So, I thought I would ask you all the same question.  Do you believe that Ouija Boards work and, if so, why?  Here are the some of the responses that P.j. received on Facebook.

Rhonda McKinney I dont believe the actual board has any special powers but i think if you open yourself up with the intent of drawing entities and energies to just might, and they may not be ones you want around.

Jay Brown I've heard too many bad stories NOT to believe. I believe spirit boards open a portal to realms we do not want or need to dabble in. I truly believe they invite dark entities into our lives. Often times these dark forces like to manipulate us in believing things we WANT to believe - that loved ones we've lost are trying to contact us. If we are dumb enough to think we're alone spiritually we can fall for something extremely dangerous.

Elissa Grant I know people who left a home they bought (only after a few months there) after "playing" with a board, they left everything they owed, walked away, moved 1000 miles away, didn't Bother selling the home. They said they would accept whatever financial circumstances, they felt their lives were on the line. (I found this out after they requested I send them some of the sage bundles, and salt packets I make, that they wanted to use for their new home).  They were very ashamed and embarrassed, they wouldn't give me a lot if information. I know the home became infested with flies the next day. I know their dog "went crazy" and started eating and tearing at the basement door, and wouldn't stop barking at the basement. I know apparently the female of the couple was hearing and seeing things, and two days after board game woke up to being "choked" by invisible something. As far as what they did with board to get this reaction, they refused to say, but, admitted to being very disrespectful, because they thought it was just a joke.

Charlie Michael Cargile My mom told me a story when I was a child about playing with one. Her and her friends got freaked out and burned it. She woke up the next day to another one sitting on her porch. I don't know if they work or not but I refuse to be in the same room as one.

Alex Ross Vanover P.j. A few friends and I messed around with them several times in an abandoned church. I let my friend Travis "speak" with the "spirit" and he basically said, "F you ghost!" When I woke up the next morning I had three scratches down my chest, he texted me before I could tell him and said that he had a big red handprint on his back....

Melissa Atkinson our hearts and intentions are what God recognizes. & also his creations. energies and thoughts are very real things, our bodies and brains are just sensory apparatuses. God instructs we are not meant to comprehend and therefore forbidden to dabble

Alexis Hinton The board itself isn't evil, it's just a portal, you can make an ouija board on a piece of notebook paper. The bad thing about portals is you can't guarantee they are closed, which leaves the place open to whatever. I've personally never messed with one, and based on experiences throughout my life, never plan to.

Bobias B Borris i have very strong opinions on the occult, i believe it is a tool. i believe in chaos magic, which is void of all regional and cultural magical laws. i believe this because various forms of cultural rituals and methods all seem to work, this is because its not the method, but the will. if your will and your belief in your method is strong, it will work despite the method. a ouija board is a tool, it is a strong tool because it is highly associated with the occult, giving the person using it more confidence. but any tool will suffice just as well if your willpower is strong.

Ashley Razel Alviti Good story but I believe in the occult I respect God when I have to but I am wiccan we highly believe in using the spirit board as we call it that's one of our tools you can make it out of cardboard and a and a glass as a planchette and it will work trust me it did for me and a group of friends it's all on how much you believe and the kind of knowledge you have with one. Still the out come will be different for everyone you can get a bad or good spirit through believe what they say. but if you get a bad you must end the connection immediately or he will stay with you for a long long time. Trust in what the board says or you might just have trouble on your hands. Krsding with the spirits is always dangerous you never know the out come. You could have what seems innocent and ends up being far worse cause innocent a lot of times will portray as evil. So beware.

Jared McDonald I've left parties because people brought out Ouija boards.

Ryan Bozell I think it takes more than a game board to contact the dead.

Brandon Sylvester It's pressed wood pulp, ink and plastic. The end.


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