Do we have to keep going back to this well? You know the one. The "please don't text and drive" one?

I had let this go, but the exact same thing happened again Thursday on the Audubon Parkway.

But let's rewind to Tuesday when I was on Interstate 65 returning from Nashville and my Grand Ole Opry broadcast.

65 is no picnic to begin with, because it is ALWAYS packed. (The sooner they make it three lanes on both sides all the way down to Music City, the better.)

But here I am coming out of NashVegas heading north swarmed by other vehicles of all shapes and sizes because it's rush hour.

I was on that stretch between Goodlettsville and Millersville when this woman comes zooming up past me on the left.

She was holding her phone IN FRONT OF HER FACE!

She continued to stay just ahead of me because of the traffic and she started weaving all over the place. She almost went off into the median then corrected and almost sideswiped a semi.

And she kept doing this for several miles before the traffic cleared up enough for her to get far enough ahead of me that I couldn't see her anymore and I was no longer in danger of losing my mind.

By the way, she was from Spencer County, Kentucky. I'm not sure where that is but their officials need to distribute strongly-worded pamphlets about this very dangerous practice...and hope it will do some good.

Now, back to Thursday.

There was a guy cruising across the Audubon doing the exact same thing. He wasn't weaving as much and the traffic was MUCH lighter, obviously, but he had his phone in front of his face.

I always prefer that whatever is on the other side of the windshield is what I'm seeing when I'm driving.

Call me crazy.


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