I started using eBay about five years ago to restore to my possession some of the most obscure items ever.  I will share one of the stories with you.See the radio in the picture of a young Moon?

Moon Mullins with his GE Transistor Radio, circa 1964

I got that radio around 1958. AM only, but great quality. I'd go to bed with it at night. It would be hidden under my pillow where, in far away Lubbock, Texas, I could listen to WLS, Chicago or KOMA, Oklahoma City. My mother and dad didn't bother me. They let me listen far into the night.

Sometimes I'd skip school (some times?) -- well, maybe often. I'd spend the afternoons listening to KSEL or KDUB for Top 40 and KLLL for country.

That's the radio I first heard my second favorite song of all time: A Summer Place by Percy Faith and his Orchestra. Or, the afternoon Jim Spann played O Dio Mio by Annette Funicello. Heaven!

Somewhere along the way, that radio was lost to me.

A few years ago, on a whim, at eBay.com I entered "GE Transistor Radio" and the first item that popped up was a radio just like the one I had. Fairly well beat up but it was the same model. Look!

The eBay seller said he didn't know if it worked or not. Either way, I paid the $35 including shipping and was so proud to be reunited with my old radio's twin from long ago.

The "GE" is missing. Its case is beat up pretty badly and it is not leather as I remember but some faux material.

But, you know what? It sounds great. Yep, still works. Can't hear WBKR on it. No Frequency Modulation. Can't hear much music on it. Certainly not A Summer Place and O Dio Mio. Yet, I love it.

And, I found it on eBay.


More treasures to come.