School is out and many families are beginning their search for safe things to do for the family.  How would you like to have a one-stop vacation that includes a cabin, hanging out with elephants and giraffes, riding ATV's and ziplining for the whole family?

Angel here and a few summers ago El'agance the Intern, Charlotte and myself took a trip to visit Wilstem Ranch and check out the animal encounters.  We were able to meet giraffes, see the elephants, and pet several of the animals many who are retired from the Ringling Brothers Circus.

We had no idea you could actually stay in the park.  They have several cabins available for rent throughout the year.  We could take our entire family and stay in one of the larger 5 bedroom cabins or do a getaway weekend for Joe and me in a one-bedroom.  There are 11 cabins total.

If you have teenage boys like our family keep in mind they have ATV guided tours. My kids love going into the woods and exploring.

Ziplining just happens to be on my bucket list.  Joe and I have not ever done real ziplining.  So maybe I rode the zipline at Legion Park but never a real-life zipline.  Wilstem has over 5000 feet with a nine-line canopy tour.



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