Hey Friends Angel here.  Chad often jokes (or maybe he is serious) that I am high maintenance.  I am here to argue that point.  I love dressing nice and love the bling but if you know me you know I am also Bargain Basement Brenda.

I wanted to share with you all five times where I might have possibly looked like I spent a lot of money on an outfit for pennies on the dollar.

This may be why I own about 300 dresses.  I share them with friends, give them away, and sell them in my booth.  I WILL NOT BE JUDGED!

Five Times Angel Looked High Maintenace for Less Than $20

TAKE THE QUIZ AND THEN HEAD TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE AND TELL US WHAT YOU GOT!  I got 37 because I shower, shave, wear heels occasionally, and buy my designer purses at the Thrift Shop.  Oh, and I LOVE Jewelry.  Call me what you will I love what I love :)

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