If you're looking for a fun way to spend a spooky October night, make plans to head over to Historic Newburgh, Indiana.  The city hosts different "ghost walks" designed to send shivers up your spine.  Here's a video sneak preview of one of the walks!

Historic Newburgh invites you, your family and friends to attend the 26th Annual Ghost Walks.

Dates & Times:
Friday, October 18 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, October 19 5pm - 9pm
Sunday, October 20 5pm - 8pm

Participants on the Ghost Walks can choose between THREE different haunted tours.

Hayride Tour:
Turn of the century tour guides and re-enactors tell history and ghost stories on a hayride through Historic Newburgh’s downtown district. A walk across the historic red bridge (optional) will enlighten and frighten. Bring the family for an evening of intrigue and education.

Water Street Tour:
Hear the astonishing tales of events that occurred near Newburgh's waterfront many years ago. On this tour, attendees will hear ghost stories from Newburgh's early settler days, the Civil War Era, and even ghostly events that occured during the 1900's. Listen to some of Newburgh's most mysterious tales, including the tale of the Steamboat Missouri and The Newburgh Tobbaco Company's "Homespun Twist". This is a great tour for any historic enthusiast!

State Street Tour:
Be prepared to be amazed by the events that took place long ago on this quaint little street. Who would have ever guessed that such a gruesome past exists in the charming little town of Newburgh, Indiana? On this tour, attendees will hear stories from the Civil War Era, the Great Depression, and the early 1900's. Listen to some of Newburgh's most haunting tales, including the tragedy at Farmer's Bank, The Exchange Hotel's slave history, and tales of Hulvershorn's Coffin Shop. This tour is great for anyone that likes to be spooked!

What to expect:
Each tour group is guided through the streets of downtown Newburgh by a tour guide. The tour guide will stop at certain locations along the tour and tell stories of Newburgh's haunted past. There are also "ghostly" actors who tell stories along the way. The stories are based on newspaper articles, historical documents and stories passed on by Newburgh residents. This is not a "haunted house" type tour, so no ghosts will jump out and try to frighten attendees during the tour. The historic tales alone provide a good enough scare.The guided walking tours depart every 12 minutes from Preservation Hall (200 State Street). Each tour lasts approximately an hour and will stay close to the downtown area. This is an outdoor walking tour, and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Group tickets for State Street and Water Street tours (must purchase at least 15 tickets) are $7 each. Group tickets go on sale August 1. Group ticket pricing is NOT available for hayride tours. For group ticket sales please call 812-853-2815.

Advance purchase general admission tickets go on sale September 1 and are $8 per person for State Street and Water Street tours only. Hayride Tours are $15 per person.

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