What's your favorite trail? Do you HAVE a favorite trail? Honestly, that's one that I'd have to think about, too.

Yellow Creek Park is fun. We used to have a lot of fun walking the trails at Camp Schafer in Hancock County during church picnics when I was a kid. Gee, I don't know. Maybe I like them all.

And that's good because this Saturday, June 5th, is National Trail Day. It's a day to seek out your favorite trails and go hiking. But it's also a day the American Hiking Association hopes will be one where we pledge to take care of our hiking trails and keep them in good "walking" condition.

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To celebrate National Trail Day, Owensboro Parks & Recreation will be getting its "gnome" on this Saturday at Rudy Mines Trails. The popular bike trail, which is part of Ben Hawes State Park is located at 101-, 137 Overstreet Road, just off Highway 60 West.

And here's what you need to gnome...uh, I mean KNOW.

This Saturday, the gnomes will be invading Rudy Mines Trails and it'll be up to you to find them. And if they're as colorful as their names--some of which include Snaps McKracken, Bimple Bumplebottom, and Grindle Fizzlbang (you know, gnome-y names)--you should have success. Better Bites (NOT a gnome name) will be on hand providing snacks.

If you plan on attending. you're likely to have a GREAT DEAL of success if you scan a QR code provided by Owensboro Parks & Recreation and available on their Facebook page.

Happy National Trail Day, or should I say, "Happy trails to you"?

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