Hartford Firefighter, Grant Parson, went through training but nothing could prepare him for what he would face when rescuing a four-year-old in flood waters Monday -->Monday morning fog was thick in Ohio County and a mother and her two small children did not see high flood waters and drove right into danger.  Grant Parson's father heard screaming from the mother  when he went out to start his vehicle for work and rushed to get his son.

Parson and his father grabbed their boat and rushed to help.  They had been carried off the road and into the woods.  The mother and her 18 month were safe but her 4 year-old son was holding on to a tree above flood waters.    They could not reach him by boat so Grant jumped into the water and brought him to safety!

"People can say whatever, but you really can't prepare for that. You just got to jump in and do what you got to do," Parson says.

What an absolute blessing that Grant was near by and sprung into action without a second thought.  All three victims are doing good and thankful for Parson's bravery.


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