Christmas is just 45 short days away!  If you haven't started shopping for your friends we have a super special, inexpensive, and fun way to spread holiday cheer this year.


Isn't it crazy how over the years Christmas has become more about the cost of the gift than the thought?  I remember growing up I loved receiving homemade gifts from my grandmother more than any other gift I received each year.  They were sentimental and to this day those are the types of gifts I keep more than a commercialized gift that becomes obsolete in a few months.  I know everyone doesn't feel this way but I cherish those specialized gifts from the heart.


Earlier this week our digital gal, Ashley, and I were talking and she asked if I had seen the latest gift-giving trend for Christmas.  People are posting this to their social media pages and making requests from their friends;

For Christmas, I would like Christmas cards. I want your favorite recipes written on the inside of the card. Even if we hardly talk. I would gladly send you one also if you would like! How nice it would be to have our mailboxes flooded with Christmas cards. I'd love to have the recipe on an index card so I can add it to my recipe box. Oh and make sure you sign it, please.  Message me your address and I will send you mine!
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To be honest, a lot of people don't have money to spend right now.  The pandemic has dipped into our pockets and left many without jobs.  Being able to shower others with love in a memorable way is amazing.  I can see friends starting new traditions and exchanging recipes for years to come.  My dear friends and I get together at our friend, Katy's house, every year and exchange ornaments.  It is one of the most special times of the year and I am hoping we can add this to the mix.

Have You Heard About The Unique Gift Giving Trend This Christmas Season?

Christmas is just 46 short days away! If you haven't started shopping for your friends we have a super special, inexpensive, and fun way to spread holiday cheer this year.

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