Their food was always delicious, the service was second to none, and it became a hangout spot for many in the community. This is why it's sad to hear that Legends Sports Bar & Grill is closing their doors for good. The announcement was made just moments ago.

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It seems like yesterday that Legends opened their doors to the public. I covered their opening and there was so much excitement in the air. Since then, they built a reputation for delivering great food. It was a fun place to watch a ballgame or catch some live music. They even added an enclosed outdoor space to add more tables to meet the masses. I for one, will miss the restaurant and the people.


Although, the announcement was made this morning, hopefully, another restaurant will open in its place. Owner Bill Jones took to social media to make the sad announcement.

"Today, Legends, sports bar and Grill will be opening his doors for the last time. I have mixed emotions as I announced that we will be closing officially at the end of business tonight. Over the last six years, Legends has brought so many people into my life. I will miss you all. To the guest who have filled our seats and to our staff we couldn’t have made this journey without you. I will always believe our food was the best in our hospitality was second to 9 you have made this old man proud!thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’ll see you soon." Bill Jones shared on Saturday, January 13th, 2024

This is all we know at this moment. We'll update the article as we learn more.

We are from Indiana. We are at Legends now to watch the Kentucky game. Sad to see this post. This is always our go to place when we are in Owensboro. - Eric Hildebrand

Many good memories made a Legends! - John Bryenton

So sad, hate to see y’all close!! Will miss this place. - Marci Dant

Thank you for a great place to stop in, visit with old friends and make new ones. Greg and I are going to really miss our visits there. -
Karen English

I'll miss the burgers, fire sticks, ice-cold beer, and the friendly staff. What will you miss the most?

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