Fall has arrived in the Bluegrass State and with fall brings a hankering to visit haunted houses and attractions all over the place.  Just a little over an hour drive from the Tri-State is Kentucky's Largest Haunted Attraction.

The Hill of Terror in Bonnieville, Ky, was voted among the Top Ten Haunted Attractions in the United States.  Imagine 100 acres built to absolutely bring about all your worst nightmares and you still wouldn't be close to the scare you're going to get at The Hill of Terror.

In years past Zombies have attacked unsuspecting guests during the hayride up the hill.  This year they have thrown a twist in and guests get to take shots at the Zombies.  There will be paintball guns attached to the trailer so you and fend off all the bloodthirsty creatures.  If you haven't regretted your decisions to visit the Hill after you make it to the top you can take your last ride in a casket where you are buried alive.

You will go through different phases of the scare.  The tour is self-guided and in the haunted woods of the farmland.

There are also corn mazes to make your way through if you have the energy after fighting off zombies.  The hill has live music to entertain you while you are fighting or dancing for your life.

The Hill of Terror is Open through, Saturday, October 31.  It's located at 3666 Priceville Road, Bonnieville, Ky.

Tickets are $25 per person.  You can also purchase survival packages to ward off the Zombies.

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Creepy Destinations Within a Short Drive From the Tri-State

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