I've received messages from multiple "Facebook friends" warning me that I've "double friend-requested" them (my term, not theirs).

You know, for all the ways that Facebook updates itself, you'd think they would have landed on a way to prevent all this hacking.

Here's the message:

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

So, how CAN you tell if you've been hacked.

CNET.com looked into it and came up with some tips. For example, if you go into your Facebook Settings page and choose Security and Login and then click Where You're Logged In, you'll get a BIG hint if there's a location that does not match up with any of your recent whereabouts.

Friend request going out to people you don't know, friend requests going out to people ALREADY ON your friend list, and posts on your timeline that YOU didn't write are just a few ways to get a good idea that you've been hacked.

CNET also provides quick and easy ways to secure your account, something that has never been more important.

If messages and friend requests immediately look suspicious, it will NEVER be a bad idea to look into, going forward.

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