The roads that leads out of the valley that I live in, is full of curves and hills. At certain points of day, at points of the year, it’s very dangerous. A deer can come out of nowhere.

On a cool Spring morning, around nine years ago, I was driving to work very early in the morning. When I came over a steep hill, there was a deer, right there. I had no time to think. It was pure reaction, no thinking. Even though, I knew I wasn’t supposed to swerve, I did. Just as I swerved, another one came out of the tall grass and ran in front of my car. So, I swerved the other way and was headed right for a tree. If hadn’t been for a cement culvert that was in my path, I would have hit the tree head on. My car was busted up, but the culvert saved my life. The deer where fine, not a scratch. Luckily there was no one else on the road. I could have hurt them when I swerved.

If hitting a deer is unavoidable, never swerve to try to avoid hitting it with your car. Swerving could not only hurt you but you could hurt someone else. Here's what you need to do instead, never veer for a deer.

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