We all love a little bit of sports in our life, but my husband takes it to a whole 'nother level!

Barb Birgy

I feel like I should write a book entitled, "Diary of a Sports Wife"!

When I met my husband in 1996, I knew he loved sports. He was always wearing sports apparel, talking about sports, coaching sports, watching sports....I think you get it. We don't even go on many "normal" vacations, as we have to tie in a sporting event if we're traveling. I've always loved sports as well. I played many different sports in High School receiving nine varsity letters. So, yes, I can watch a game or two on any given weekend. The problem is that there's literally some sporting event EVERY weekend!

Me. Can we watch a movie tonight? Him. Nope, but there's a really good fishing show on (Major League Fishing is pretty darn good), or such and such is boxing tonight and we just can't miss it. I guess I should be grateful that he doesn't watch golf and tennis too!

The entire family really gets into the spirit while watching sports. Poor Lucy!

Barb Birgy

I do have to admit that it's easy to buy gifts at the holidays for my husband. Anything sports related will be a winner. He makes my gift buying decisions a little easier. So, who are his favorite teams to watch? Da Bears, UK basketball, Michigan Football and Basketball (like he had a choice when he married this Northener!), the USC Trojans and well, really I could go on. When you watch this much sports, you have A LOT of favorites. Heck, he probably has a favorite Fisherman and Referee.

This is Mr. Arnold last night watching the games. Yes. ALL of the games! I would need some medicine and a therapist with all of that going on at once. The man has a serious Sports Addiction. I wonder if there's a "Sports Addiction Anonymous" in town? Chris would be the poster child!

Barb Birgy

This is Lucy and Sadie watching the Tournament yesterday while Daddy sat at the bar table eating wings and pizza. By the way. While his wife worked!

Barb Birgy

Our friends already know to exclude us from dinner plans, on nights when there is a major sporting event on. Sometimes, I'll just have them pick me up and I leave his sorry rear home with Lucy and CoCo. Speaking of Lucy and CoCo. I think they're the most grateful for sports television. It means Mommy and Daddy will be on the big couch, giving them love and rubs while we're watching our teams!

Yep. this photo is from today, watching the Tournament Games. Life is rough in the Birgy Arnold home these days!

Barb Birgy

I forgot to mention that when major sporting events happen, Chris Arnold will take vacation days. Not to take his charming wife on a long weekend getaway. Nope. To sit and watch games and more games and more games. If it makes him happy, that really is all I care about, but it's easy to give him a hard time.

Chris coached football and baseball for many years and I played sports growing up so, I guess we're just meant to be!

I'm SO young here and pictured 2nd from the right.

Barb Birgy

Chris was coaching sports when I met him and was one heck of a good coach and mentor.

Bobby Howell

This is me in High School. I think you can pick who I am in this photo!

Barb Birgy

Hopefully, you're enjoying time as a family watching whatever makes you happy too!