Being involved in charities and out in the counties of Kentucky, I see first-hand the needs of people in our communities. The need is real and could be why Kentucky ranks where they do in this research study from

WalletHub’s analysts compared 50 states across two key dimensions, namely “State Residents’ Dependency” and “State Government’s Dependency” to determine which states are least and most dependent on the federal government and Kentucky ranks at the top. #1 to be exact. Indiana landed at #10 on the list.

When I moved to Kentucky in 1994, I loved the beauty of the land, the low cost of living, the history and the wonderful people I've met through the years, but I was shocked at how many struggle day to day to get by. Factories closing and coal mines shutting down are just a couple of ways Kentuckians have suffered. I think at the core, most people want to work and not depend on the government's help, but in our state people need it. I love this great state and there's many reasons why I chose to stay and enjoy the countryside, learn from the elders, and help those who need it most. There's nowhere I'd rather be!
Source: WalletHub


Go to  for their complete findings, expert commentary and a detailed methodology.

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