I'm telling you, this sounds like the perfect set-up for a Scooby Doo episode. I mean they already have the iconic vehicle for it.

In fact, there MUST be a van out there somewhere that's been tricked out to replicate the Mystery Machine. Whoever has it needs to head to Louisville and run it through the wash. But not just ANY old wash.

Louisville has the answer for anyone with a filthy car AND a need to for some Halloween thrills and chills.

Thomas Car Wash is hosting a haunted car wash and it begins tonight, Friday, October 30th and runs through Halloween night. And I love that 20% of the proceeds will go directly to the Bluegrass Center for Autism.

The car wash, Preston Highway, is expected to draw long lines both Friday and Saturday nights, so plan accordingly if you're going. And if you do, you'll enter on the Fern Valley side and exit onto Preston Highway.

The haunted car wash will be in operation 8P through 11PM both nights. And that's Louisville time, so 7PM-10PM Central.

They really have this thing planned out. You see, the wash tunnel experience will only last about five minutes, but visitors could be there for up to an hour because of the line. But that's okay, because they'll be entertained while they wait.

Drivers will receive a bag upon arrival that will contain a ticket, a waiver, and instructions. But inside that bag, there will also be a music card to scan to enjoy spooky Halloween music. And, of course, there will be Halloween candy.

This posted Thursday. LOVE that image on the wall.

Happy Halloween.

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