Hair loss, in most cases, is the first outward sign that someone is sick and this can be a scary thing for children. Luckily, there's a new doll that can help them understand a bit better.

Larsen Sotelo for Walmart

It's the final day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We found a perfect doll so you can have those teachable moments with your children. Parents, teachers, friends, counselors, hospitals and doctors will appreciate this new resource. A doll that shows young kids that bald is beautiful and not so scary after all.

They should be shipped to all Children's Cancer Hospitals around the country.

You can find the My Life As a Survivor Doll at your local Walmart stores and at

It's also a perfect way to celebrate the young survivor in your family. My friend John posted this on his Facebook page. Sweet Kendall is a #hero #survivor. She is doing well and is now in the 8th Grade.

Amanda Davis Kidd via Facebook

This is the description on

"Show kids that bald is beautiful with the My Life As 9-Piece 18" Survivor Doll and Accessory Set. This doll is proof that everyday heroes walk among us and nothing will hold her back as she rocks her bald look with interchangeable sparkle headbands, bright earrings, and a polka dot hat. The set also includes a survivor’s bracelet, diary, and pencil to encourage journaling. Kids can gain a sense of comfort from playing with a survivor doll, as well as just dressing the doll up and engaging in pretend play. The My Life As 9-Piece 18" Survivor Doll and Accessory Set is designed for children ages 5 and up. "

Larsen Sotelo for Walmart