Here at Townsquare Media, we always try to be a driving force in the community and our soft spot lies with kids. From the annual St. Jude Children's Research Hospital radiothon, to the Mickey's Kingdom build, to 911 Gives Hope, to our support of Hangers and everything in between, we make it our mission to do everything we can to help local children.


Earlier this year, our Market President, LaDonne, sat us down and said, "We need to help our local schools. What can we do?" That's a big task! There are a lot of local schools! We had a lot of ideas but in the end we decided we'd pool our funds and with the help of Audubon Chrysler Center we'd let the community decide what school deserves this money the most. We also decided that the winning school should decide how to use the funds.

Now, the contest runs until the end of the day on September 9th with the winner being announced on September 10th and all tri-state elementary, middle, and high schools are eligible. Voters cannot see results. But, we decided that since there are currently 15,519 votes on the table, we'd give you a sneak peek at the top ten schools. So, you can plan your strategy accordingly...

In NO PARTICULAR ORDER here are the top 10 schools for week one!

  • Trinity High School (KY)
  • Harrison High School (IN)
  • Foust Elementary (KY)
  • South Terrace Elementary (IN)
  • Cravens Elementary (KY)
  • Chandler Elementary (IN)
  • Whitesville Elementary (KY)
  • Sorgho Elementary (KY)
  • Oakdale Elementary (IN)
  • North Hancock Elementary (KY)


Now, I will tell you there is no one school that is WAY above everyone else. It's neck-and-neck and there are several schools under the top ten that are literally within a couple of votes. It's truly anyone's game! We can't WAIT until we get to show up at the winning school and present the student body, teachers, and administrators with a check for $1,000. And a special thanks to Audubon Chrysler Center for helping us make this happen.

So... do you think your school rules? If so, go ahead and vote now. Below, you be able to cast your vote. At the end of the contest, we'll tabulate votes from each of the states and the ONE school with the most votes wins! Remember, you have until September 9th, 2018 to rally up your friends and family to vote for your school as many times as they want!


To make things a little easier, we broke the schools down by state and in alphabetical order so your school will be easier to find. So be sure that you are searching the correct state while voting.  And, if your school is not on the list, just write it in! All Townsquare Media contest rules apply. This is a multi-station promotion. All tabulations are conducted by Now vote away!

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